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"I have been associated with United Realty Group for a number of years. I love the way URG operates and the broker support is really amazing. Any question I ever have or anything I need assistance with or am not sure on, URG is always there to explain and/or assist with wonderful solutions. I love the virtual experience because it allows me to be able to continue to work out of my own home. The on-line system to report my transactions to the company is user friendly and URG provides a lot of on-line resources for it's agents, which is so helpful.

If you are looking for an easy to work with, knowledgeable and inexpensive brokerage firm than I say give URG a call. I have loved being a part of this great team and can sincerely recommend URG to any Realtor throughout California. They are just a phone call away. What are you waiting for?"

Marion P., Realtor
(Escondido, CA)

"United Realty Group is without a doubt the smartest move I've ever made in my 10 year real estate career. Sausha, my TC, is crazy good at what she does- I'm very happy working with her and she's worth every bit (and then some) of the TC fee. To think back on all the commission I have given away for no good reason...ouch! That said, I'm so happy I'm now on the highest and best track for my business!"

Shane K., Realtor
(West Hollywood, CA)

"I have been affiliated with United Realty Group for several years and have enjoyed my experience from the first conversation I had with Eric Kabbara, when I was investigating real estate brokers with which to align myself.

The lead broker of United Realty Group, Eric Kabbara, is a very helpful, caring, real estate professional with extensive business and real estate knowledge. He is always willing to teach, inform, and help. He also has a positive attitude that fosters my goal achievement.

Eric Kabbara's approach is to begin with what is best for the real estate agents who choose to be affiliated with his real estate brokerage. From that core premise, he has instituted a 100% commission business model that enables real estate agents to keep the commission that they earn! Aligned with and supporting this core premise, Eric Kabbara has developed tools, created templates, instituted systems, began a mentorship program, and a help line to help Realtors succeed. And Eric Kabbara does not stop - he keeps improving and advancing forward!

I am happy to be affiliated with Eric Kabbara and United Realty Group and highly recommend both!"

Maurice R., Realtor
(San Diego, CA)

"I've been with United Realty Group going on 8 months now. My experience with this brokerage firm has been stellar. The on-line submission of real estate files is very clear and easy to follow. That being said, the support from the broker is exceptional, either by email or phone. I work my real estate deals from my branch office, from home, or anywhere my business takes me. Getting paid the same day of closing a deal and directly from escrow, with a check cut out to my name is awesome. No more chasing the broker around to get paid days or weeks after it closes. I only have one regret ....that I didn't do this sooner. Do it. Don't even think about it twice; you will never look back!"

Ruben M., Realtor
(Calexico, CA)

"I've been with this company for several years, and could not be happier! The transaction process is very streamlined, and the staff's experience and work ethic always combine for a smooth deal. Since I specialize in commercial properties, but also do a bit of residential sales as well, I'm ecstatic to be with a company that is knowledgeable and active in both niches, while also providing great commission splits. Eric, the designated broker, is a pleasure to work with, and is always eager to help. I highly recommend United Realty Group to all my friends in the business."

Gabriel H., Commercial Agent
(Oceanside, CA)

"I appreciate the fact that this company is methodical, and leads by example. Very responsive, and the structure is clear for all to abide by. What you see is what you get. No bait and switch with this company. This company will go far with honesty. Broker support is professional and very efficient. Eric is always available and gives much of his time to fully explain situations. Sausha is very attentive to her work. She is a very professional person, and it shows through her attitude towards detail and communication. I'm thrilled that I made the call to be a part of this company, and couldn't be happier to be aboard. Thanks once again"

Carlos R., Realtor
(El Cajon, CA)

"I needed to take the time to share a testimonial for United Realty Group, the Broker of Record Eric Kabbara, and the real estate brokerage platform which they have put together- it is the ideal for agents or brokers who are looking to have all required state disclosures delineated on an upfront basis, with no hassle. This is a great help to agents and principles, as it creates an awareness, on an upfront basis, for all parties.

United Realty Group has also included an easy to assimilate webpage, with all the needed bells and whistles for the prospective buyer and seller. In addition there are existing lead resources quickly available from the same platform.

If you are considering a change to an experienced broker with a strong working system in place for you, that helps you keep your hard earned commissions, you owe it to yourself to meet and talk with Eric. "

Douglas Black
(Oceanside, CA)

"If you want an instant raise in your earnings, or you have been asking yourself "what am I getting in return for all this money I pay my broker?", then I highly recommend URG. I experienced an instant raise on my very first transaction, and my whole perspective on real estate changed. It went from, "That's all of the commission left for me? Maybe I need to get out of real estate!" to making real estate fun again. And ironically, specifically because of URG's web based systems, the whole document review/risk management process is superior to what I previously experienced in a more traditional brokerage. The world has changed. Many traditional brokerages are still employing procedures from 60 years ago. URG has adapted very well. I'm confidant you will like URG."

Steven P., Realtor
(Playa Del Rey, CA)

"Eric Kabbara, the broker I work for, is very helpful and dependable. Recently I needed help with a transaction and Eric and my T.C were amazing. They walked me through the transaction from beginning to end. Whenever I needed help they were there for me. I want to take the opportunity here and say thank you one more time. I highly advise Realtors to join the company. I am sure you won't regret it"

Hermik M., Realtor
(Burbank, CA)

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